Exploring Space

Offering innovative and easy access storage space for your bedroom, our range of storage bed options opens up plenty of room to store anything from blankets to books, sheets to shoes.

Manufactured from high quality, durable materials, the base units are extremely sturdy and have amazing storage capacity.


Ottoman divans make use of every bit of space under your bed and can be perfect for de-cluttering, organising and transforming your bedroom in a fresher, cleaner living space.

Your bed will probably be the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom (if not your house), so it makes sense to maximise its potential – and that’s exactly what an Ottoman helps achieve.

The storage area for an Ottoman tends to be hidden behind an attractive base that can blend in or enhance your bedroom’s décor. When it comes to choosing your Ottoman, also keep colour and fabric in mind to make sure it complements your existing style choices.

2 Drawers

Have a few extra bits of bobs to put away? The 2 drawer storage solution will do the trick. They’re also great for lighter bedding like sheets and pillow cases.

2 Drawers + 2 Continental Drawers

The additional continental drawers sit at the back and are ideal for gadgets and tech items, such as tablets, phones and laptops.

4 Drawer

4 full sized drawers gives you plenty of room to play with for everything from bedding to books, and beyond.